A Look Back: Week Ending December 13th

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Once again I missed my weekly updates so today notes include all items since the last check-in, November 22nd.


  • Finished the marketing campaign on Ethical Ads: Privacy-focused advertising for developers and while I didn’t get the business results I was looking for I have nothing bad to say about the network. They were incredibly helpful. I may write up something more detailed soon™. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  • Made some progress with my goal to better automate the deployment of Guildflow by getting more familiar with Terraform. Worked through a few tutorials and have started reading the The Terraform Book.

Phoenix by Example

  • Launched the second example project: GetShorty, an open source link shortener.
  • Got more serious about the Twitter account and even made a new YouTube channel.
  • Posted daily content Monday through Friday. When possible I embedded the videos right in Twitter but it was hard to keep them under two minutes so had to link to YouTube for the rest, which is the conical repository for now.
  • Hope to keep the momentum in the coming weeks.


  • Lots of REDACTED client work in Elixir / Phoenix.
    • Without getting too deep, we are currently drafting some larger work and refactoring plans. Feels good to be shaping work ahead of execution. It’s a very large system with a lot of business stakeholders and third party integrations; much more complex than the historic iOS projects I’ve worked on.
  • Finished reading of Real-Time Phoenix.
  • Continued reading Domain-Driven Design.
  • Finished reading Practical Pair Programming
    • Related, did a lot of pairing at work which is something I find beneficial, though very exhausting. Like exercise I feel like I need to keep pushing to get better at so it’s not as draining.
  • Attended Philly Elixir.
  • Attended Philly CocoaHeads.
  • Attended BarCamp Philly.
  • Setup a mesh of two new Eero 6 Pro wireless routers to replace the previous Apple Airport in the apartment. May have to update my Comcast internet to 1000MB down as a way to avoid the upcoming data cap and this would help me get the most of said additional bandwidth. This mesh should also help with some wifi connection issues I’ve seen in my bedroom. Finally, I am also using the service trial to block ads at the router level; will see how it works out.


  • Watched The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. It was good, but not a must see recommendation.
  • Started playing Dragon Quest Builders 2.