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Google Ad Numbers Don't Add Up

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I tried to run some Google Ads but can’t reconcile the numbers. I’ve been duped!

Video Notes

  • I work as a consultant.
    • I do a lot of iOS development, some Elixir, some teaching, etc.
  • Trying out a new productized service angle:
  • Marketing so far: Release-day social post and the blog header.
  • Figured I’d try some Google Ads.
  • Initial take on the Google Ad UI: Much better for a person starting out.
  • Ran my ads for about a week.
  • The numbers don’t ad up in my eyes.
    • I paid Google for 222 clicks but can only reconcile 77 of them.
    • I asked for delivery to United States only and they did not seem to honor that.
  • Turned off the ad campaign for now.