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Active Personal Projects

Franklin Blog Engine

Right now, this site is built using Hugo. I have aspirations of doing something more complex and so as an experiment I’ve started building a new blog engine. It is primarly a place for me to experiment with some CQRS / event-sourcing patterns and is still very early on. If you want to learn more check out my Side Project Idea Audit blog post or the repo and project directly.


ElixirClub is an outcome-oriented community that helps Elixir developers finish their side projects.

Elixir Book Club

We meet every two weeks and talk about our current book. I’ve been an active member for a few books where we’ve covered: Testing Elixir, Metaprogramming Elixir, Programming Phoenix LiveView, and Elixir in Action, Second Edition.

DockYard Academy

DockYard is a large Elixir agency and they are building a bootcamp to help train first time programmers in Elixir. I try to stop by classes once in a while to help be a teacher assistant.

Philly Elixir Meetup

A monthly meetup group to talk about Elixir and Erlang things. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, online. It’s a small, friendly group. Stop by and say hi!

This very website is an open source project using tech including: Hugo, HTML/CSS, GitHub, CircleCI, Linode and Apache.

Past Personal Projects

Past Client Projects