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Active Personal Projects


StudyHall is an open-source courseware platform that (aspires – it’s very early) to help people publish and consume courses focused on improving programming and technical skills.

The early user experience will lean towards maximizing student success through tooling that:

  • helps teachers understand student goals and progress
  • provides streamlined communication tools to ask for and provide help
  • allows students to provide content feedback to help improve courses over time

Course Dreamers

Course Dreamers is a new blog where I share my research, observations, and links regarding the work of programmers and technically-minded folks building online courses, some for the first time.

I have aspirations of building some products / open source software for folks in this arena and am trying to spend some time to get closer to individuals on the ground. It’s still early days but sharing what I find on the new site.


This very website is an open source project using tech including: Hugo, HTML/CSS, GitHub, CircleCI, Linode and Apache. Background

Past Personal Projects

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