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Active Personal Projects

Franklin Blog Engine

Franklin is written in Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView and is an intentionally over-engineered blog application (a future replacement for this Hugo-powered blog). It uses an event-sourced / CQRS core (via Commanded) alongside a modern component-based UI presentation. It aims to make even the simple things overly complex in the spirit of personal education toward these architecture decisions.

Franklin is on GitHub via a public code repo and project board.


ElixirClub is an outcome-oriented community that helps Elixir developers finish their side projects.

Elixir Book Club

We meet every two weeks and talk about our current book. I’ve been an active member for a few books where we’ve covered: Testing Elixir, Metaprogramming Elixir, Programming Phoenix LiveView, and Elixir in Action, Second Edition.

DockYard Academy

DockYard is a large Elixir agency and they are building a bootcamp to help train first time programmers in Elixir. I try to stop by classes once in a while to help be a teacher assistant.

Philly Elixir Meetup

A monthly social meetup group to talk about Elixir and Erlang things. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, online. It’s a small, friendly group. Stop by and say hi!

This very website is an open source project using tech including: Hugo, HTML/CSS, GitHub, CircleCI, Linode and Apache.

Past Personal Projects

Past Client Projects