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Website Revamp

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At the end of November I took a few days and revamped this site. Let me know if you spot any issues or typos. Thanks!

What’s New

I rebuilt, from scratch, the Hugo theme code the site uses, wanting to own the site in both design as well as content.

I added a small bit of color and branding to the main header navigation. I’m still big on simple page designs but also feel like returning to a blog post after being here before should have some sense of branding / nostalgia.

New section, For Hire. To date I’ve hosted a simple company site at It was never much but when considering the idea of building out a project portfolio there it just felt like I was spreading myself too thin across multiple sites. I think for now it’s just easier and more productive to focus on a single site to sell me and my services better.

New section, Projects. Wanting to sell my consulting services, it’s important to have a portfolio of some kind and the new Project section serves to do that. For now each project has a short description and accompany video file. I hope to expand it more in the future with some open source efforts.

Events section renamed Talks. Still not sure if this is the best name but it does describe the goal of the section, to help document and list the various event and conference talks I’ve done. The fact it additionally list conferences I’m attending is a little verbose, but does help color what I’m interested in and excited about.

The site is now open source, available on GitHub for all to check out.